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Who We Are

C & E Developments stands for Casey and Eric Peterson, a pair of Yelm, Washington brothers who began operating heavy machinery before we were of age to drive cars.

Our knowledge of construction and dirtworks comes from experience: we grew up on a cattle ranch, running equipment and working on the farm. By age fifteen, we were already delivering gravel and building roads. 

After building our first house in 2005, we decided to create our own business. Things took off from there and by 2018 C&E was building between ten to fifteen houses a year.

Keeping our workload at that level means that we can personally oversee every worksite and ensure an attention to quality and detail that can get lost on larger projects. It also allows us to maintain a focus on a wide range of services. 


Family Run Business

Like us, our grandparents were involved in development and we learned from their experience. Today, both of our parents support C&E through help with landscaping, cleaning and preparing homes to be shown. 


Local Subcontractors

Many of our subcontractors are also small companies, consisting of the owner and a few other people. We look for an attitude that values quality over rushing through a job to get it done. The majority of our clients would rather have someone take a little extra time to do a project right instead of simply doing it faster. 

Consistent Crews

When we’re hired on larger jobs, we maintain the same crew throughout the build, allowing our staff to forge a connection with the project superintendent. This minimizes the need for unnecessary repetition and maximizes effective communication among all parties. 


A Streamlined Experience for Clients

Building and/or buying a home is often the largest investment people make in their entire lives and not surprisingly, it can be stressful. We do everything possible to alleviate that stress, by connecting buyers with local resources and making sure they understand what’s happening during each stage. 

Reputation Built on Word of Mouth

Often, people share that they first heard about us in the grocery store, the bank, or both. Historically, all new business has been based on referrals, whether the potential client was living on a military base half-way across the country or was a local Yelm resident. The consistent flow of new customers is a testament to the reputation C&E maintains within the industry.  

“I have seen a large majority of the homes that they have built. They can build anything from a pole building to large custom home. Eric and Casey are great to work with [and] all the subcontractors pay attention to the little details.” 

Clint Czeczok

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